SelkieRock Adventures

A child’s smile is at the heartbeat of SelkieRock Adventures

SelkieRock Adventures is located at West Links Park, just 5 minutes from Arbroath’s town centre.
With a variety of adventure activities, including Children’s Quad Biking, JumpGym, Land Road Train, Mini Cars, and Play Parks to choose from, there is something to keep the whole family entertained.

Children’s Quad biking

Experience the excitement of gearing up for your Quad adventure. Learn from our instructors during the briefing, quickly followed by the unforgettable, adrenaline fuelled quad biking adventure as you negotiate around the Selkie Quad Track, tackling bumps, tricky turns and enjoying the acceleration in the straights. And, if it has been raining, enjoy the rush of muddy tracks as you whizz through the many puddles.

The Selkie Quad experience is a low risk, octane fuelled experience, carried out on 50cc quads and is ideal for children ranging from 6 years old to 12 years old. It is one of the best driving adventures for children and young people that money can buy and it is an ideal thrill seeking adventure for children’s birthday parties. Smiles guaranteed.

Land Road Train Tours

Jump on board Selkie’s Land Road Train and enjoy the tour around Arbroath. Learn about the history of Arbroath’s Water Tower, designed in 1885 by William Gillespie to provide the town with fresh drinking water and is affectionately known as Arbroath Castle.

Journey through the town to Arbroath’s medieval Abbey, founded by King William the Lion in 1178. Learn about the Brothock Burn Crocodile and enjoy the gastronomic delights of the “Arbroath Smokie” at Arbroath Harbour.

Whacky Golf

Make memories and share fun times with family and friends on Selkie’s outdoor Whacky Golf. Modelled by the sea, this course is set to frustrate the ardent putter.

Negotiate your ball around various obstacles at each of the nine holes – some are easier than others. Keep score and have a thrilling contest between family members or members of your group.

Jump Gym

Spring into action on Selkie’s inflatable JumpGym.

Whether you want to leap, spring, vault, bounce, slide, make the balls from the ball pit float in mid-air or simply battle it out with SelkieCroc, the JumpGym is guaranteed to get the party jumping with 20 minutes of non-stop bouncing fun for children ranging from 3 years old to 12 years old.

And if the sun is shining, the whole family can select from a wide range of different flavoured ice creams too.

Foot Golf

Selkie’s Foot Golf course is football and golf all rolled into one addictive, fun packed adventure. With views over the sea, our nine hole, four-acre course, with greens named after famous Scottish golf courses, is fun for the whole family and is set to challenge everyone who plays.

With elevated tees, short fairways, trees, bunkers and flower beds strategically positioned, Selkie’s FootGolf makes one of the best FootGolf experiences in Angus.

Children’s Mini Cars

Selkie’s Mini Car race track is an octane fuelled adventure that is ideal for young inspiring ‘drivers’ and ‘riders’ not yet old enough to experience the thrill of the quad track. At 900meters long, the track, specially designed to be easily driven as well as being a challenge, offers young children ranging from 3 years old and above, with their first driving experience. The track is purpose built and dedicated to young children and features smooth ‘S’ bends, hairpin bends, bridges and roundabouts, and is perfectly suited for first time drivers and riders. And is ideal for individuals and birthday parties.

The Children’s Mini Cars are battery operated, travel at a brisk walking pace, fast enough for children to enjoy the adventure, but slow enough to make this activity a low risk adventure. The cars are an ideal starting point for 3 – 6 year-old children, however older children can participate. Adults can accompany their children if the children are not yet tall enough to reach the accelerator.

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Experience the excitement of gearing up for your Quad adventure. Learn from our instructors during the briefing.

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